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Perth Children's Hospital

Main Clients: ItalSteel & Yuanda Steel

OSE Scope of Works: Structural & Façade Steel Erection 

SOW Completion: End 2014


The new Perth Children's Hospital, located adjacent to Sir Charles Gardiner hospital in Nedlands, was a high profile project for both the West Australian government and project builder John Holland, designed and constructed for the purpose of providing further children's healthcare services to the Perth metro area. OSE Riggers was intially contracted by ItalSteel to install the structural steel for several mechanical risers - multi-level voids for the purpose of containment of building mechanical services - at various locations throughout the building. This involved the installation of structural steel; laying of Bondek & Gripspan planks; and shear stud welding for the Bondek flooring. A few months later, the entire steel erection package, which consisted of roughly 400t of structural steel covering an atrium, plant deck, services shroud and various roofs, was awarded to OSE. Not long after that, Yuanda Steel contracted OSE to provide rigging services for complex sections of façade steel that would support architectural pieces as well as glass. OSE leveraged its fleet of cranes, EWPs & trucks and the skills of its work force of riggers, crane drivers & boilermakers to overcome challenges such as minimal tower crane time, dynamic delivery schedules, and modification works as necessary.

67 Brewer St Façade Retention

Main Client: Psaros

OSE Scope of Works: Overhead Gantry Erection & Façade Support Steel Erection

SOW Completion: Aug 2014


What started out as relatively simple gantry erection works for overhead protection and site shed support while construction proceeded on site, developed into a complex engineering project to support and retain the brick façade on two sides of the existing building. Before demolition of the exisitng brick and steel structure could be fully completed, it was an engineering requirement that the brick façades on the corner of Pier & Brewer streets be fully secured from toppling. OSE Riggers provided gantry tower frames and standard gantry sections and contracted a formworker to install the required concrete footings that some of the frame legs would be bolted to. Working closely with façade engineering consultants Atelier JV and client Psaros, the support frame design was closely monitored and adapted at various stages of the project. 

May Holman Centre Redevelopment (32 St George's Terrace)

Main Clients: Cays Engineering, CASC Constructions

OSE Scope of Works: Structural Steel Erection

SOW Completion: Sep 2014


The May Holman Centre, overlooking the Swan River along St George's Terrace, involved the erection of 17 levels of structural steel to both the north and south sides of the existing building, as well as a roof and plant room. 

Challenges encountered on this project:

CBus Building (One40William)

Description of Contract works: 

CBus project involved the erection of a twenty one storey office building over the underground railway station. OSE’s involvement included structural steel erection, Precast panel installation and supply of specialised rigging equipment.

Challenges encountered on this project:

The project provided many interesting challenges. Installation of concrete panels and steelwork to accurate tolerances were required to allow correct support and interface with the glazing requirements of the building.


Description of Contract works:

Inner city living!  A twenty six storey tower apartment with below ground car parking and commercial shopfront. OSE installed precast concrete panels to 26 levels along with structural steel for various areas of the building.

Challenges encountered on this project:

The biggest challenge was the installation of the roof structure (finished paintwork) which required assembly of large sections on the ground before lifting into place 26 stories above street level. This was necessary due to no scaffolding in place and the overhanging size of the steel roofing structure.


Description of Contract works:

A renovation & extension of the heritage listed building.

In order to undertake the safe demolition of the western wall of the existing church building, excavation of basement area and new piling, OSE was involved in propping, jacking and installation of support structures.

New precast concrete panels for the cathedral walls, and belltower were erected to the steel roof structure for supporting the glass walls.

Challenges encountered on this project:

Particular challenges included precision lifting and installation of sections so as not to damage the heritage building or church artifacts. 

Federation Walkway - (Kings Park Treetop Walkway):

Description of Contract works:

  • Transport Steel columns and bridge sections to erection location in Kings Park
  • Transport in and set up cranes for lifting along with access equipment for working at heights
  • Unloading and Assembly of Walkway in final location.

Challenges encountered on this project:

  • Transporting 200 tonnes of structural steel to erection location without damage to rare flora and fauna.
  • Erection locations in heavily wooded areas on hilly natural terrain.
  • Getting heavy machinery in and out of erection location.
  • Liaison with Park rangers to prevent damage in park.
  • Final adjustment and alignment of bridge span due to unusual design.

Removal of Mitchell Building:

This project required a complex process; (1) stabilising the "Heritage listed" building; (2) supporting the facade of the building and then (3) building and attaching suitable support and lifting cradles around defined sections of the façade. The façade was cut into nine sections (the heaviest being 48T) and each cradle was lowered down using a 250T crane then rotated utilising a second 100T crane. The objective of the rotation was for each section of façade to be lowered on its back onto a truck, and transported off site. The sections were stored ready for re-erection at a future date.

Difficulties encountered:

  • Heavy lifting of old masonry building sections of unknown stability
  • Design and building of frame works to fit and properly support the old building structure.
  • Design of lifting frames and rigging to enable heavy loads with unknown balance points to be lifted and rotated in a controlled manner

Esplanade Station Roof:

The erection was challenging due to the curved steel structure. Additionally the design called for the main truss rafters to run across the span at 60°. This necessitated critical tolerances in steel section placement to be achieved in order for the assembly of the structure to be correct. 

Difficulties encountered:

  • Minimising damage to the finished paintwork - Heavy steel sections
  • Erection and stabilising of structure over open void areas of underground station
  • Assembly of large steel sections with unusual design connections
  • Erection of complete roof working over and around other trades and manpower.

Listing by project - work undertaken by OSE:

Project Builder Work Carried Out
Claisebrook Bridge East Perth Fletchers Construction Structural Steel
BBC Hardware, Whitfords Entach Clough Structural Steel
Currambine Shopping Centre Multiplex Construction Structural Steel
Joondalup Health Campus John Holland Construction Structural Steel
Qantas Domestic Terminal Ext. John Holland Construction Structural Steel
Learmonth Airforce Base Transfield Construction Structural Steel
Burswood Convention Centre Doric Construction Structural Steel
Barrack Street Jetty Redevelopment Transfield Construction Structural Steel
Bell Tower Barrack square John Holland Construction Precast Stairs
Joondalup Police Academy Consolidated Construction Tilt Up Panels
Warnbro Aquatic Centre Consolidated Construction Structural Steel & Panels
Xmas Is Accommodation Units Consolidated Construction Structural Steel & Panels
Motorola – UWA BGC Construction Structural Steel
Sherriton Apartments Consolidated Construction Structural Steel
Galleria Shopping Centre Westfield Construction Precast Panels & Structural Steel
Whitfords Shopping Centre Westfield Construction Precast Panels & Structural Steel
AQUIS Building Perth Airport Broad Construction Precast Panels & Structural Steel
Kings Park Federation Walkway Transfield Construction Structural Steel
ABC Building East Perth John Holland Construction Precast Panels & Structural Steel
Clarkson railway station John Holland Construction Structural Steel
Bassendean Railway station Lakis Construction Structural Steel
Innaloo Shopping Centre Westfield Construction Structural Steel
Mitchell Building (Removal) Leighton Kumagai J Venture Structural Steel & Rigging
MetroRail Tunnel Project Leighton Kumagai J venture All Rigging & Boilermaking
Tonkin Highway Extension John Holland McMahon J Venture Rigging
Strut Install & removal
(William Street Station)
Leighton Kumagai J Venture Structural Steel
William Street Station Leighton Kumagai J Venture Structural Steel; Precast & All Rigging
Esplanade Station Leighton Kumagai J Venture Structural Steel; Precast & All Rigging

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