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10 kPa  Load Rated  Overhead Impact Protection

Projects in the Perth CBD have unique challenges and with restricted access along with minimal work areas and large amounts of pedestrian/ public interface our gantry might just be the solution you are looking for. The ability to extend the site over the pedestrian footpath allows for more efficient use of the project site while allowing for office administration to be in close proximity to the project area and simultaneously providing superior protection from falling objects to pedestrians & workers.

OSE Gantrys provide an engineer certified Gantry system which allows for site shed and/or temporary office buildings to be located above the pedestrian traffic. Alternatively OSE can supply handrails and this area can be used as an additional landing area for loading and unloading of materials in readiness for installation.

Our standard gantry is engineer certified for a 10kPa load rating which is equivalent to a load bearing capacity of 1 Ton/ Square meter. This is equivalent to 4x greater than heavy duty scaffold of the same plan area, and also provides larger span areas between uprights, neater more professional appearance and superior impact resistance in falling object situations.

Our modular gantry system allows for easy modification to perfectly suit your site requirements: Higher head clearances for truck crossovers, ensuring services or access pits on the footpath remain unobstructed or other engineering challenges can all be easily and cost effectively overcome. Below are some examples of previous gantry jobs completed or Contact us today to speak with our experienced team about how our gantry can improve your job.



EQ Towers:

OSE gantrys erected a whopping 365 lineal meters of class B overhead protection gantry on the Elizabeth Quay Esplanade, almost the full perimeter of the Carlton Ritz project. In addition to the same challenges as you would expect to see on any construction project in the CBD (High interface with the general public, tight access issues, limited area for laydown of materials & site amenities) this projects location in the middle of a busy tourism precinct required a neater solution then what a standard scaffold can provide. The gantry on this project supports multiple levels of site containers; some with scaffolding built off the top of them and in other locations a perimeter scaffold up to 5 levels high. At crossover areas into the site height of the gantry is raised to allow vehicles up to 4.5m high to enter & exit the site while still maintaining overhead protection for pedestrians. Along the length of area where loading/unloading is to occur from the street using tower cranes 5kN impact rated timber skidboards have been fixed to the side of the gantry which provides protection should the load swing into the gantry.

374 Murray ST:

The NV apartment’s project is a good example of our standard gantry application and how versatile it is when used on a project in the CBD. The footpath which this 83 lineal meter run of gantry protects is littered with underground services, access points & large service pits which for obvious reasons cannot be obstructed, fortunately OSE’s modular gantry design means our gantry can quickly & easily be modified to suit; one site measure was all it took and OSE was able to modify a few decks and provide a 10kPa load rated gantry that avoided all the services and allowed vehicle access through the crossovers & laneway. As with most of our gantry’s the builder decided to fix the hoarding directly to our gantry which saved money & time during the demolition phase of this project. Once the tower crane was erected on the project we installed our 5kN impact rated skidboards to the side of the gantry to provide protection if loads swing into the side of the gantry.

Forest Chase Redevelopment:

The Forrest Chase Redevelopment project involved the custom design and fabrication of multiple different gantry solutions to allow Myer & other business to continue trading while the concrete façade around the level 1 walkway of the building was demolished and a new steel and glass structure was put in. Gantrys were erected overnight which allowed public access underneath them to continue as usual the following day. Some of these gantrys were erected on a Suspended slab therefore OSE had to design and implement propping plans to ensure slab was not compromised during installation or when the gantry is loaded to the 10kPa design load.

67 Brewer St Façade Retention:

What started out as relatively simple gantry erection works for overhead protection and site shed support while construction proceeded on site, developed into a complex engineering project to support and retain the brick façade on two sides of the existing building. Before demolition of the exisitng brick and steel structure could be fully completed, it was an engineering requirement that the brick façades on the corner of Pier & Brewer streets be fully secured from toppling. OSE Riggers provided gantry tower frames and standard gantry sections and contracted a formworker to install the required concrete footings that some of the frame legs would be bolted to. Working closely with façade engineering consultants Atelier JV and client Psaros, the support frame design was closely monitored and adapted at various stages of the project.

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