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When your project requires the addition of steel, concrete or other components to existing or new structures or when erection requires high precision or novel building methodologies OSE will partner with you to achieve your project goals on-time & incident free.

Regardless of the material, difficulty or other challenges involved in the construction, Using Onsite Engineering will be sure to provide advantages when compared to using other rigging services because our method of work involves the following:

  • Preliminary Planning:
    Developing construction method options that are best suited and most economically viable to suit the project needs. Providing logistics, labour & equipment to implement this plan.

  • Engineering:
    Design & costing of engineered Solutions as part of the construction method.

  • Site planning:
    Set up & staging of work areas to create a safe work method that successfully interfaces with other trades as well as builders objectives.

  • Personnel:
    Experienced & licenced workforce not only ensure that components & fixings are installed safely & professionally in precise locations but also actively engage in the planning to ensure improvements to the methodology in both safety & productivity are made.

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